Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a blessing.  When a bankruptcy client calls or visits for the first time, we can see the stress in her face or hear it in her voice.  But as little as four weeks later, we are walking her out of her meeting of creditors (a very short meeting that is the last step of the process for our clients)--and the client has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face.  The weight of the world is off her shoulders because for the first time in a long time, she has no debt!  This is why we do what we do.  Most of our clients are able to wipe away their debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without paying any money to their creditors or giving up anything they own. Others file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to pay a fraction of their debts in a three or five year payment plan. Contact Harbor Law today for a free consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you. 

Business Bankruptcy

We help small-business owners resolve their debt problems.  Whether you are concerned with personal liability, starting a new business, or continuing your current one, we have the legal knowledge and practical experience to lead you through the process. Contact Harbor Law today for a free consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy will help you achieve your goals.

Adversary Proceedings and Contested Matters

Attorney Angie Lee has extensive experience defending and prosecuting adversary proceedings and contested matters in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. She represents debtors faced with nondischargeability actions or disputes with bankruptcy trustees relating to exemptions, transfers, and characterization of property as property of the estate. She has helped many creditors enforce their rights in bankruptcy court by filing proofs of claim, objecting to and defending proofs of claim, prosecuting nondischargeability actions, and defending preferential transfers actions. Angie has litigated many fraudulent transfer actions relating to real property, complex business transactions, and transfers between family members or other insiders. Contact Harbor Law today for a free consultation.